Eureka is the PPE division of Y.Berger & Co AB, est 1959, specializing in the development and production of unique glove solutions for professional usage. Marketing and product development are managed from our head office in Göteborg, Sweden, while production of coated gloves are done in our fully owned production subsidiary.

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Our mission in the Eureka Division is to provide a safer, better product through innovative design and product development. We call this Safety through Progress and we deliver this through extensive use of proprietary technologies and application of the latest innovative materials in product designs.

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To simplify the selection of styles of coated gloves and to minimize the number of overlapping offers of similar applications, Eureka is presenting a logical assortment where you easily choose the appropriate products based on the user environment and the level of risk exposure.

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Recent news

  • EN388:2003 Protective Gloves against mechanical risks

EN388 – standard for mechanical risks – is up for some important changes. Later during 2016 the EN388 standard is expected to be published in a new updated version. The final draft for the standard is now out among the members for voting and acceptance. It is expected to contain some changes in mechanical risks, regarding cut protection and to have performance regarding Impact Protection included.

  • Health & Safety Campaign – Arc Flash

Eureka solution Our gloves have a very durable coating and yet offers a great dexterity that allow the gloves to be used under a wide range of conditions. The 13-4 Heat-series has been engineered to provide the best possible protection while still maintaining a modest thickness and optimal dexterity. The protection is achieved through an innovative fibre blend, advanced protecting polymer print and coating.

  • Health & Safety Campaign

Eureka Safety has launched a year-long campaign in Health & Safety magazine to highlight our different [...]