Here you will find the most
common questions.

Q: Your products are produced in?
A: We buy most of our raw materials in Europe, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. The products are made in our Chinese factory or by our partners in China and Pakistan. Regardless of the assembly factory we have full control and knowhow of the full supply chain.

Q: Why would we choose you as supplier?
A: We do not produce any “Me too products”. All our products are unique and all but a handful are built around our innovations.
Be different, become better and Go Eureka!

Q: Do you deliver from stock or direct from Asia?
A: We do carry a stock for start up of new styles and back up when direct deliveries from Asia are not fast enough. Direct deliveries is the preferred and we can also offer more competitive pricing on direct deliveries.

Q: Competitive pricing?
A: Yes and we like to keep it that way – some innovations give us cost advantages which we pass on to you. Our system of direct deliveries reduces expensive handling.

Q: Can you provide financing?
A: Eurekas focus is to develop and produce unique products that do provide a significant advantage and competitive pricing. Customer credit is limited but can be discussed in mature business relations and 3rd part evaluation.

Q: Can I find cheaper products elsewhere?
A: Yes, by the looks of it. But make sure that you compare the levels of performance including longetivity – in the end, only your total cost and your workers safety matters.